The Cast of School of the Underworld

Lenny Sowers Dough

Species: Human

Frightful Major: None

The first human student of Underworld Boarding School. He’s a very cowardly kid and has next to no backbone to speak of. What he lacks in guts he makes up for in brains.

Ricky Reaper

Species: Reaper

Frightful Major: Deathly Studies

Lenny’s roommate and “best friend” at U.W.B.S. He’s tends to be a loner, but has taken a liking to Lenny. He’s not the most popular kid but then again creatures of death usually aren’t.

May Genevieve Phantom

Species: EX-Human ecto spirit

Frightful Major: Basic Temporal Entity Studies

A young girl who drowned in a river and is making up her lost school years at U.W.B.S. She is very kind and caring to her friends. Something that is known to be looked down at on campus.

Principle Ragger Frash

Species: 5th Generation Underworld Demon spawn

Frightful Major: Advanced Frightful Studies and other various subjects

The boastful and frightfully flaming head of education at U.W.B.S. Under his direction Ragger Frash has made the school the leading frightful education center of the entire Underworld. He bases his teaching on the statement of “in order to cause fear one must feel fear.”

Other Cast Members