Main Cast

Tamashi / Child of the Moon

Age: 10

Likes: Cats, Reading

Tamashi is a ten-year-old girl from Tokyo. She is not very sociable and tends to keep to herself when she can. She is able to hold back emotions and does not like when people see her break down. She does not like meeting new people, especially if they make fun of her or act fresh. Although once she forms a connection with someone, she treats him or her much more fairly.

Tamashi is the Child of the Moon. This allows her to control moonlight and gravity. Her symbol and all of her powers come from her right hand. However, having gained the power at a later age, her control over it is much weaker than of Childs of similar age.

Sui-Mo / Child of Fire

Age 10

Likes: Training, Family

Sui-mo is an orphan whose parents died when he was just a baby. Because of this, he tends to stay out of groups and keep to himself. He follows authority and tries to stay out of trouble, due to a fear of losing his life, like his parents did. But when Sui-mo finds something that he wants to protect, he will fight tooth and nail for whatever it is. He is known to be very shy around girls, as he has only known men for most of his life.

            Sui-mo is the Child of Fire. This allows him to produce fire from his body and control fire that is near him. He combines his power with his martial arts skills; the same skills that Father Monk taught his father. His symbol is on his forehead.

Calm Warrior

Age: Unknown

Likes: Unknown

An unknown samurai that travels the Ancient Land. He saved Tamashi when she first woke up and told her her first chant. His identity and motive remain unknown.

Supporting Cast

Father Monk