The Cast of RANDOM!

Joe B gambleJoe B. Gamble

A simple simpleton that tries to make everyday as eventful as the last. If Joe B. Gamble as not done it, he is more then likely planning to do it. He loves to find new things to see and new people to greet. Life is just a fun ride to this logic-depraved citizen.

Likes: Seeing new things, pizza, riding fast planes, Iem 2. Cute

Dislikes: People who are too smart, pessimists, anybody that calls him Joe or Mr. Gamble, burnt popsicles

Smart guySmart T. Guy

It’s not easy being an intelligent man in a town without logic. Smart Guy only wishes to live a calm normal life on the shores of RANDOM, Florida. A wish that will forever be out of reach due to Joe B. Gamble and company’s constant antics. But he is never the type to turn his back on a friend. No matter what unexpected factors come his way, Smart Guy knows the gang would be completely lost without him.

Likes: Books, trending TV shows, His Mom’s tapioca, favorable political debates

Dislikes: People with no ambition, the unexpected, traveling, rap music, Italian stereotypes

Iem 2 Cute Iem 2. Cute

When your interests include singing, dancing and ponies, it can be very hard to standout in the crowd. This all changed when Iem fell for the charms of Joe B. Gamble. Now she can’t get eyes off of her. But Iem knows that a little persistence can change many people’s outlooks on life.

Likes: Singing, dancing, ponies, Joe B. Gamble, People who give good tips

Dislikes: Rotten food, blood, dogs that bark too loud, shopping on windy days

III-I (Eye-Eye)

A living lowercase I that is always between jobs. It’s hard to find work when you resume includes just being in the alphabet. Having moved from Iowa, I-I wanted to find a new home on the warm Florida shores. In a stroke of dumb luck he met up with Joe B. Gamble and company and formed a bond with them that can never be broken.

Likes: Ice cream, stable pay, reading comics, lowercase letters

Dislikes: Uppercase letters, drive-thrus, outdated pudding

SpeedoSpeedo the fat guy with a really tight speedo and has a telephone for a head

(Yes that’s his full name.) A strange man whom his occasionally seen with Joe B. Gamble and company. Not much is known about him. But he certainly attracts many awkward stares from local by-passers. Whatever he his, one thing is definitely known; he will always be sporting his favorite swimwear.

Likes: Speedos, the ocean, collect calls, surfing, cannon balling into ball pits

Dislikes: Not having his speedo, cell phones, people who press his belly button

 Other Cast MembersOthers