The Journey Goes On – 3 Year Anniversary Art Piece

3 years ago, the journey of Tamashi began. Since then, we’ve seen many characters, chapters, and settings from the world I’ve created. As of this month, I’ll have completed over 30+ chapters of the Tamashi manga. It was on a simple whim to finally bring the story I had been planning for years in my head out into the world. I may not have found the audience I’ve been looking for (yet), but I know if I just keep persevering, the world of Tamashi will be shared with many people who will resonate with the message I’m trying to alight.

I only wish I could share this moment during better times. I’ve lost a lot of good close people in the time I’ve been working on Tamashi. Some due to unfortunate circumstance and some due to my own shortcomings. My light may not be shining brightly, however I was always hopeful that the little light I shared was able to lift them up just inch by inch.
Don’t let the dread and ugliness of people and the world keep you from moving forward. Sooner or later, fellow folks will join you side by side moving forward with you, with a light that will blind any darkness.

Thank you for reading, Tamashi.